Adult Learning Disabilities

Adult Learning Disabilites

Enjoying a life that has purpose and meaning is equally important to us all, our with learning disabilities are no exception. We encourage our clients to live the very best lives they can, by believing in themselves and we help our residents to achieve more every day and to continue to develop and grow. By supporting each person in our care to live the very best life they can we help each individual in our care to achieve more every day and to continue to develop and grow.

Our care services are fully regulated by the relevant country regulator including Care Quality Commission (CQC) for England, Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) for Wales, Care Inspectorate for Scotland and The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) for Northern Ireland.

What does Learning Disability Care look like?

Our clients each have their own dedicated support worker who provides daily support with everyday tasks and with the running of the house, doctor’s appointments, shopping, meeting up with your friends and family and anything else to support you living an independent life. Care assistants can visit in once or twice a week or provide up to 24 hour care. Our care assistants have practical experience of meeting a wide range of complex care and support needs for people receiving care in the community.

We ensure that families and other key important people in addition to the individuals being cared for are totally involved in developing their own care plans and in choosing the way they live their lives whilst being encouraged to continue their hobbies, to try out new experiences and to learn new skills.

Our View On Home Care

At Goldsmith Personnel we offer unparalleled care and support through our adult learning disabilities services. We support you to live the life you want, where each day can be different. Our staff recognise each person as an individual with a range of unique personal interests and aspirations. By focusing on your unique strengths and abilities, our aim is to help you achieve your personal goals. We develop a personalised support plan with you, so you can receive your care in the community where you live.

At Goldsmith Personnel we are always guarding the dignity and independence of our clients, care workers can assist with daily tasks such as bathing and dressing/undressing but we ultimately allow our clients to take control of every situation accordingly and being patient with them. Every client has unique personal needs, preferences and values and each client’s support arrangements will be personalised to their own requirements.

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Care is more than just ticking the boxes, everyone of our care packages is tailored around the needs of the service user.


All of our Home Care staff receive specialist training from our in-house by our very own

CQC trained advisor.


It's all about our clients, GPL are here to help and assist you in living a more independent

and active life.


We offer live-in care around the clock expertise, meaning a highly-trained personal assistant will always be around should you need them. 

Client Uniqueness

At GPL we believe each client is unique and special deserving tailored care around themselves providing high quality care, support and rehabilitation to our clients.

Clinical Excellence

Our amazing complex care team collaborate together to form an impressive quality and compliance structure to ensure we maximise experience for each client in our care.

Quality Regulation

All our complex care packages are registered and inspected by CQC, CIS and CIW. Our Group-wide approach to clinical governance is essential in delivering safe, effective services.

Innovation & Advancement

We are spearheading clinical innovation to improve outcomes for our clients. Our intricate care plans are continuously scrutinised over the period of care.

Client Testimonials

We are currently in the process of making case study videos on our supported living service and the positive impact we are having on all of our clients who are with Goldsmith Personnel Ltd.