Self Directed Support

Self-Directed Care is a way of providing social care to adults in their own homes. It involves identifying a personalised budget – an amount of money designed to help you take control over your life, so that you can meet your care needs and manage your own support.

Our Support Workers have PA training that is geared to assisting clients using this service and therefore are understanding of clients’ autonomy and the importance of this.

Self-Directed Care puts you in direct control of everything concerning your care. This includes control of:

  • The money you get for your support
  • Choosing how to spend it
  • Choosing who you want to get the support from
  • We give the support you need to achieve all of the above
  • Anyone getting support paid by Social Services will likely qualify, (depending on criteria) for self-directed support.

If you’d like more information regarding our Self-Directed Care Service, please contact us and we will be able to assist you, showing you how and where to get the right information and help.