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{gspeech style=1 language=en autoplay=1 speechtimeout=0 registered=2 hidespeaker=1}Welcome to Goldsmith Personnel. Our website is friendly for visually impaired persons. Selected any text to hear it red aloud.{/gspeech}


Goldsmith Personnel's vision is a world where all disabled people are free from discrimination and oppression, enjoying equality within an inclusive society. We want our website to reflect this, therefore we are committed to making this website and related media accessible by all users using all technologies.


We strive to uphold the principles and best practice of the WCAG 2.0 guidelines wherever possible.

Our main objective is to implement real world accessibility, resulting in people with impairments finding our site accessible and usable in practice. Accessibility training is compulsory for everyone who uploads content to our website and will ensure all web editors understand our legal, moral and practical responsibilities towards users with disabilities.


  • Clear and consistent layout and design
  • Multiple methods of navigation including sitemap and search facility
  • Large buttons, easily identifiable links and form fields
  • Easy to read font size and colour contrast
  • Clear and simple language
  • Keyboard accessible navigation. All functionality can be controlled through a keyboard interface. Skip from link to link using the TAB key. The active link will be highlighted. To move backwards, hold down SHIFT and press the TAB key. Please ENTER to go to the active link.
  • Provide meaningful ALT text for all images. If the image is merely decorative, the alt text will either be excluded or contain the shortest possible description.
  • Option to LISTEN to any part of the site by simply selecting the relevant content.


Simply  select the text you want to hear  and click the speaker icon. speaker icon

How to access Other websites

Colour EnhancerIf you currently use Chrome as your web browser you can add Google Colour EnhancerColour Enhancer to apply a customizable color filter to webpages improving color perception, for people who are partially color-blind.

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